MiC Proficiency Testing Program

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Target Analysis Start Date End Date Price Details
2022 04-2022-PTILC(MiC)-00A Cypermethrin in Mango Cypermethrin April-04-2022 October-13-2022 PHP 7,000.00
2023 Pesticides in Cucumber Multi-reside pesticides February-04-2022 December-22-2022 PHP 0.00
2023 Pesticides in Mango Multiresidue pesticides February-04-2022 December-15-2022 PHP 0.00
Veterinary Residues
2022 07-2022-PTIL(MiC)-000D Salbutamol in Meat Salbutamol July-04-2022 July-30-2022 PHP 7,200.00
2023 Chloramphenicol in Fish Chloramphenicol February-04-2022 November-19-2022 PHP 0.00
2023 Nitrofurans in Fish (High) AOZ, AMOZ June-03-2022 September-30-2022 PHP 300.00
2023 Nitrofurans in Fish (Low) AOZ, AMOZ July-29-2022 September-30-2022 PHP 200.00
Toxic Metals
2022 07-2022-PTILC(MiC)-00E As, Cd and Pb in Rice Total arsenic, Cadmium, Lead July-04-2022 July-30-2022 PHP 0.00
2022 10-2022-PTILC(MiC)-00F As, Hg, Cd and Pb in Tuna Total arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium and Lead October-03-2022 September-29-2022 PHP 0.00
2023 As, Hg, Cd and Pb in Cane Sugar Total arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium and Lead February-04-2022 September-30-2022 PHP 0.00
Food additives
2022 04-2022-PTILC(MiC)000B Sulfite in Desiccated Coconut Sulfite April-04-2022 September-30-2022 PHP 0.00
2022 04-2022-PTILC(MiC)-000B Ethoxyquin in Chicken Ethoxyquin April-04-2022 January-28-2023 PHP 0.00
Other Contaminants
2023 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in Coconut Oil PAHs February-04-2022 September-30-2022 PHP 0.00